Who is DandyLion?

Whatever happened to dandies? Those gentlemen were the original statement-makers, with extraordinary attention to quality, presentation, and flair. Today, they inspire our name and our mission.

Unexpected. Unforgettable.

You have to get past the sheer good looks of our products to recognize the spark of genius—and the commitment to our mission—in each. Hold it. Use it. Now you’ll understand why we’re driven by original design, exceptional quality, and sustainability.

We’re a DandyLion, not a copycat. Artists and craftsmen design and create our products. Extensive prototyping ensures that design and function deliver an “I never thought of that” quality to everything we make.

Every detail makes a difference. We craft DandyLion products by hand from the best materials and control every step of the process. Each small batch of products emerges with its own individuality.

Sustainability is essential. DandyLion textiles are made from the finest surplus and deadstock fabrics discarded by world-leading couture houses and European mills. Our wood products are sourced locally from responsibly managed forests. We strive to be as sustainable as possible.

Managing waste. Sustainability also means managing waste responsibly. Wood scraps are used for firewood (it gets cold in Vermont).  Shavings are donated to farmers for animal bedding. Too-small fabric scraps are made into lavender sachets and scraps are donated for insulation manufacturing

So, hug a sturdily soft pillow. Glide a blade effortlessly through a sausage. Watch light dance from a handblown lamp. We’ve lived with every product we offer, and we’ve never regretted a single purchase.


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