Vermont 116: Where the Magic Happens

Vermont 116: Where the Magic Happens

Hinesburg, Vermont is known for farming, being snuggled on the edge of the Green Mountains, and being home to less than 1,000 people. You probably won't visit Hinesburg to shop—unless you're a fine home goods retailer or an interior designer with residential and/or contract clients looking for fresh inspiration. Then, the DandyLion workshop and concept store should be your destination.

In our new space, you can see exactly how each pillow, blanket, carving board, and other products are designed and produced by hand. From precise measurement to cutting and sewing, the DandyLion Couture, Luxe, and Rustic pillow collections come to life in the workshop space. Right now, we're producing exquisite blankets from a linen-cotton blend acquired as deadstock fabric from an iconic American designer. Although challenging to sew, goat suede binding adds a uniquely soft but durable finish to each blanket.

The concept store is where members of the trade also can peruse finished pillows, blankets, carving boards, rolling pins and other handcrafted DandyLion products. Plan to visit in November 18th through December 24th and take advantage of unique holiday gift ideas from artisans around the world. 

We're happy to meet you by appointment. Hinesburg is just minutes from Burlington, Shelburne, and Charlotte VT. To schedule a visit, contact Ashley Farland at 917.608.8156 or at

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