Partners in Practicality

Partners in Practicality


Partners Sharing Philosophy and Purpose

We're thrilled to announce two new arrangements with organizations that share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Pompanoosuc Mills (Pompy), in Thetford, Vermont, builds exceptional, handcrafted furniture from sustainably sourced hardwoods. Hangai Mountain Textiles is based in Basalt, Colorado with a long-established presence in Mongolia where they source yak down fiber and produce their collections. What we share is an aversion to mass-produced "fast-fashion" and a commitment to sustainable production, renewable materials, and heirloom quality.  

Fewer and Forever

This sums up Pompy's approach to hand-built furniture. Americans throw away 12 million tons of furniture every year, or 66 million pounds per day. Mass-produced, flimsy furniture delivers disappointing performance, lacks comfort, and clutters landfills. Pompy doesn't make that furniture. For 50 years, they've made timeless furniture designed to be handed down.

All Pompy home and office furniture is built using sustainably-sourced hardwood from responsible North American lumber producers. They start by preparing rough-sawn birch, cherry, maple, walnut, oak, and ash to exacting specifications. The assembly team builds each handcrafted chair, credenza, desk, and dining table—including every upholstered piece—to order. The finishing team applies a signature Pompy finish, sets the piece up for installation, and performs a final inspection.

Pompy's commitment extends past production. Pieces include a 30-day "Love It Guarantee." If, for any reason you don't love the piece within 30 days of delivery, they will rebuild it or refund it. Pieces come with a 10-year guarantee. You don't see that very often. Or ever.

Small-volume, Sustainable Superior Quality

Hangai Mountain Textiles is a family-owned and run business that launched from almost a decade of previous involvement in government and economic work in Mongolia. The company designs and produces blankets, throws, and accessories from hand-combed yak down, cashmere, and baby camel fiber.

All products are produced in Mongolia for the U.S. market. Mongolia is the second-largest producer of cashmere in the world, but about 90% is exported to China, Scotland, Italy and other countries for processing, knitting, and weaving. This exports most of the added value and leaves little fiber for local manufacturers. By producing products in Mongolia, Hangai supports Mongolian herders, washers, spinners, and knitters. Hangai is also making a market for yak down, which is exquisitely soft, warm, and naturally hypoallergenic. The yak down used in the company's collections is sourced largely from the Hangai mountain range in the center of the country, which inspired the brand name.

Partners in Practicality

Like Pompy and Hangai Mountain Textiles, DandyLion designs and produces small volumes of superior-quality, luxurious home goods. DandyLion produced five limited pillow collections specifically for Pompy's Philadelphia, Burlington, Concord, and Hanover showrooms. We recently were able to procure surplus Hangai 100% yak throws, which are being upcycled for DandyLion pillows. Look for those in next season's pillow collections.

There's not much better than being able to collaborate with partners who share your values. We're looking forward to long, beneficial relationships and to cheering each others' success.

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